Faith Formation for Families and Children

Faith Forward 2014 Conference
May 19-22, 2014 - Nashville, TN
Inspiration and Innovation for Children's and Youth Ministry

Thinking of attending a children's and youth ministry conference? If so, consider attending Faith Forward's annual conference in May, 2014. It won't be your average children and youth ministry conference because, as many of you know, a new kind of Christianity is taking shape across the globe, and Faith Forward wants to engage it in ways that are innovative, forward-thinking, honest and yet faithful to our traditions as well as our contemporary contexts.

Children, Worship and Wonder (CW&W)
CW&W is highly flexible worship centered approach to deepening children’s relationships with God. Centered on storytelling, ritual, and fellowship, it can be used during congregational worship or during the traditional church school hour.

Mission Project . . .Haiti Baby Kit
Baby Kits for Haiti

Worship Activity Sheets for Children
New Resources for Children's use in Worship or other educational times.

Ecumenical Children's Curricula
Kids2Kids includes: Journey to Congo VBS

Children's Sabbath
Visit our page dedicated to this year long educational possibility for congregations

Additional resources that you might find helpful

Child Sponsorship, Global Ministries
A Bibliography of Children’s Storybooks, related to the Events of September 11th
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Disciples of Christ Family & Children's Ministries
Disciples-UCC Kids-to-Kids Mission Project
Ecumenical Child Advocacy and the Children's Sabbath Celebration

Materials for reflection and your use

What Matters for Children and Families
Children and Families in Worship: Two Perspectives
Children and Communion Suggested Resources
Three Themes for the Theology of Family Living