Mission Moments

Use Mission Moments every week to tell a story about your congregation's connection with the wider church. Each issue - which is designed to be inserted with your newsletter or Sunday worship bulletin - is an effective way to inform your members about what they make possible through their gifts to Our Church's Wider Mission.  If you like Mission Moments, you may also like Stewardship Messages.

September - November 2014 (doc)

June - August 2014 (doc)

March - May 2014 (doc)

December 2013, January, February 2014 (doc)

September, October, November 2013 (rtf)

June, July, August 2013 (rtf)

March, April, May 2013 (rtf)

February 2013 (rtf)

January 2013 -- Sharing Talents (rtf)

January 2013 -- Stillspeaking in the Air (rtf)

January 2013 -- Helping Children in Brazil (rtf)

December 2012 -- Mission Moments

November 2012 -- Mission Moments

October 2012 -- Mission Moments

September 2012 -- Mission Moments

August 2012 -- Mission Moments


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